Is my data stored somewhere?

Our privacy policy lists the data that we store, here you can find detailed answers why we store and how we use it. There are two different types of data that is being stored on our servers when you use mementō

IonSpin Identity data

When you register to use mementō we create your IonSpin Identity account, this account is used to enable you to securely access our services and use multiple devices with the same account.

We store:

  • Your email
    • This is the main identification point, we use your email to communicate important information with you, this is also the only way for you to reset your account, if you lose access to your email we have no way of verifying your identity.
  • Your IonSpin Identity ID
    • This id is randomly generated when you register with mementō and it represents unique id of your account.
  • Your device ids
    • This id is randomly generated when you use your device to register with memento, or sync a new device. Other than being completely unique it doesn’t contain additional information
    • Every device also generates a signature keypair that is used to cryptographically sign request originating from your device. This enables passwordless authentication

mementō data

We also create a mementō account for you, this account contains data that is specific to mementō functionalities.

We store:

  • Your IonSpin Identity id
    • The id that we mentioned above, it’s used to connect your mementō account to your IonSpin Identity
  • Encrypted data
    • This data is end-to-end encrypted using symmetric encryption, and the key is only present on your devices, which means that we cannot access your data in any way. The data that is uploaded:
      • The type of remote storage, i.e. Google Drive or OneDrive
      • The email (or username) to which the remote storage belongs to i.e. for Google Drive or for OneDrive

As we develop mementō further we will be expanding the scope of encrypted data that we upload (i.e. to enable you to search files on all of your devices from any of your devices), but this data will always be encrypted and we won’t be able to access it.