About Us


Our personal identity and who we really are is composed of our personal memories, life events, choices, behaviours and habits. We believe that identity is our right, and we enable people to manage it securely and simply, starting with their data.

Often this data can be hard to manage, move to another service or even access at all. We decided to do something about that.

Who We Are?

We are IonSpin UG, an identity and data management company, founded in 2021, we are developing solutions that we hope will one day change the world for the better.

What We Do

Our first step towards that goal is mementō, a file management solution that lets you easily manage your files wherever they are.

Our vision for mementō is that it starts as a simple tool for file management and grows into an intelligent file assistant that increases your independence from storage providers while making your files more resilient to loss.

Our Values

A picture describing our company values. They are Reliability, Honesty, Thoughtfulness, Freedom and Joy.