Instructions for beta testers

First of all, thank you for helping us make mementō awesome and a pleasure to use! By being one of the first users, you have an opportunity to make an impact on the way how our app will be used in the future. Maybe you are part of a beta testing group for an app for the first time? In this case, reading guidelines below will help you to get started with making a direct impact on mementō.

Every piece of feedback equals one karma point!

What does it mean to be a beta tester?

You are now officially a General Manager for Awesomeness! No joke. Your role is to provide us feedback and help us make mementō a joyful experience for everyone! For us, all feedback is good feedback.

There is no such thing as “too much information” here. The more you tell us about your experience, the easier it is for us to make changes.

Here are some things you can pay attention to:

  • While using the app, make sure to take notes of anything that seems strange to you.
  • If you think that something should be done differently, make sure to note down how exactly you think it should be.
  • If you notice that something is not working well, please let us know what are the steps that led you to the incident.
  • If you can take a screenshot of the result, it would be very helpful!
  • If it happens that the app crashes while you are using it, you might be asked to submit a crash report. Please do so!

How do I share my feedback?

Please feel free to share your feedback in any way you feel comfortable with (e-mails, direct chat)

I have submitted my feedback, now what?

Thank you so much for doing this! If you have submitted us your feedback directly, we might reach out to you to get more clarity. We will carefully look at all the information we are receiving and come back to the whole community of beta testers via a special newsletter we will issue after changes have been implemented.

On which device can I use the app?

mementō can be used on:

  • Any Android device (mobile and tablets)
  • Laptops/Desktop computers (Mac, Windows and Linux)

Where can I get mementō


If your email is already added to our internal testing list, you are still required to accept the invitation. To do that, you should open the link you received in your invitation email with the Google account that is logged in into Play Store on your Android device. You can also open the same link on desktop, the important thing is that you use the same account.

You can follow the detailed steps at the bottom of this page, or just jump by clicking here


You can download the app for Windows, MacOS and Linux from the link you received in your invitation email.

Is there anything special about the beta app?

Yes, several things:

  • The access is currently limited only to the accounts that are on the beta testers list. Once again, thank you for being open to this.

  • We don’t actually delete files while in beta. If you try to delete files, they will just be moved to your device’s equivalent of the recycle bin. Here are the locations of this recycle bin on different devices:

    • On Android we create a folder called MementoTrashBin in the root of your internal storage.
    • On Mac your files will be moved to the MacOS usual Bin.
    • On Windows your files will be moved to the Recycle Bin.
    • On Linux your files be placed in ~/.local/share/Trash/files/ folder.
  • We collect debug logs when you submit them (we always ask for your permission before sending them each time), but in beta version these logs are more detailed than they will be in production version. Still, there is no confidential or personal data in these crash logs.

  • We have tested the app extensively, but please keep in mind that bugs are probably present. Even with all precautions we took, this is a beta version and there might be data loss, so we advise you to backup your data before experimenting with mementō.

  • We totally understand if you don’t trust us fully yet. Therefore, we won’t blame you if you want to use testing accounts instead of your personal accounts for now.

Android internal testing group signup

Heres a quick overview of the process:

When you click on the link from the invitation email you are taken to this page

Google asking you to join Android testing group

Screenshot of a Google page asking you to join memento internal testing for Android

After you accept joining the group

Screenshot of a Google page asking you to join memento internal testing for Android

Your email is not in our testing list

Screenshot of a Google page asking you to join memento internal testing for Android

In case your email is not in our list you will see the above screen. To fix this, just send us the email of the account that is used in your Play Store.

If you are not sure which email is that you can open your Google Play Store on your phone or tablet, and click on the circled letter in the search bar. In the example below it’s the green T, in your case it might be different or it might be your Google profile photo.

Google Play Store main page

Screenshot of a Google Play Store with the account button circled in red

Google Play Store account email

Screenshot of a Google Play Store with the account email shown