Adding local storage

Just like adding remote storage, you can add your local storage. To add local storage on desktop, follow the steps described in adding storage guide and then select local storage.

Desktop/Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Windows “C:” drive will be added to mementō. We are working on adding support for selecting drives other than “C:”.


You will have access to all of your storage. Some folders on your Mac are protected and MacOS will ask you to grant permission to read this folders specifically.


You will have access to all of your storage, usual Linux access permissions apply.


Depending on your Android version, you might need to follow some steps to permit mementō to access your phone’s local storage.

Android 12 and higher

On Android 12 and higher you need to allow mementō “All file access”.

Pop-up asking you for permission

A screenshot of a popup asking user to allow access to all files on android 12 and newer versions

Android system screen

Here you need to specifically toggle mementō to ON

Screenshot of android all-file-access screen on android 12 and newer versions

Android 8 to Android 11

On Android 8 to Android 11, you just need to click on “Allow” on the pop-up that system presents.

Screenshot of permission popup on android devices older than version 12