Adding Google Drive

Adding Google Drive

After you have done steps described in adding storage guide guide and selected Google Drive, you will be offered options described below.

Keep in mind that this is the standard Google Drive OAuth flow and even if you are asked to provide Google Drive credentials (i.e. username and password), you are sending them directly to Google and never to us.

On Android device

In case you have an Android device AND you have Google Drive application installed on it, you will be offered a choice of using the Google Drive through Android Account Manager as the source of authorization OR to use the standard browser-based OAuth flow that is the same for Android and desktop computers. If you opt for the first authorization flow, note that you can only use those accounts that you are already logged into with the Google Drive application.

Android authorization selection

Screenshot of a dialog asking for preferred method of adding Google Drive account: browser or account manager

If you choose Account Manager

Screenshot of a dialog asking you to choose an account after selecting account manager method

On a desktop/laptop computer

Once you have selected Google Drive as an option, you will be taken to the Google login page via your web browser. There, you will go through the standard Google OAuth procedure to grant mementō access to your Google Drive. You might be required to log in with Google Drive account you wish to use with mementō.

It will look like this:

If you are already logged in with an account you want to use

Screenshot of Google OAuth screen in a browser after selecting browser method asking you to sign in to memento

If you are not logged in

Screenshot of Microsoft oauth screen in a browser after selecting browser method asking you to sign in to your Google account

Granting required permissions

Once you have selected your account (and potentially logged in), you are presented with a page asking you to confirm the permissions you are granting to mementō. For mementō to function, you have to grant the file access permissions.

Google Drive Permissions

Screenshot of a Google OAuth permission screen listing the permissions you are giving to memento

Once you have granted the permission, you will be either automatically redirected back to mementō, or informed that you can close the current web browser tab and go back to mementō.