Secure Data Transfer

To maintain confidentiality and safety of your data, files and folders are transferred exclusively through your devices.

That means that if you are copying a file from i.e. Google Drive to OneDrive, your device will download that file from Google Drive and then upload it to OneDrive.

Once the successful upload has been confirmed, the downloaded file will be deleted.

A screenshot of mementō on an Android phone

How mementō Works

Simply put, you can count on us making sure that your files never touch our servers.

And in more detail…

mementō application requires access to your remote storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive. Once that access is granted, a token is sent from the remote provider to the phone. This token is then encrypted using symmetric encryption and sent to mementō servers. Data on the servers cannot be accessed without the encryption key that never leaves your devices.

When you are adding a new device, a secure channel is established using QR codes and the keys are exchanged between the devices. New device can then download the tokens from the mementō server and decrypt them. Once that is done, the new device can access all the remote storage services you permitted it to.

Our encryption is based on the well known libsodium library.